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Maple 500 is located at 510 W. Maple Ave, at the corner of Maple & West St., 1/2 block east of OSU's Seretean Center behind the Qdoba. Click on our "about" page for added details.



Our apartments start at $525 a month, per person. Click on the one bedroom and two bedroom pages for specific rates. You may pay online via Paypal, credit card, or via bank transfer or check.


We offer leases of approximately one year beginning on June 1 of each year. Inquire about 1-year or 10-month leases starting Aug. 1. Also, we occasionally offer one-semester leases.



When signing a lease, we require a deposit equal to your last month's rent. Your first month's rent is due when you move in.


No complicated rate "caps." We pay your utility bills including electric, water, other city services. Tenants are responsible for wi-fi and TV, allowing you to pick a rate, data and download speed plan.

locally owned+operated

Contact Joseph Pool, 405-875-9088


Pets are not allowed.

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